Tennessee Child Support Questions?

Answer Tennessee's child support laws are designed to ensure that children enjoy the same standard of living post-divorce as they did when the family was intact. Understanding and implementing those laws ... Read More »

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Tennessee Child Support Law?

Child support laws in Tennessee are administered and enforced through the state's Department of Human Services. Married and single parents, whether they are the custodial or non-custodial parent of... Read More »

Tennessee Child Support Exemption Laws?

Tennessee law requires a man to be liable for child support to any child he fathers. This requirement extends whether the father is wed or unwed to the mother, as well as if he is cohabiting or sep... Read More »

How much child support do you pay in Tennessee if you are a full time student making zero money?

Probably zero; however, the court may require you to look for work.

Questions on Child Support in Wyoming?

Even if a parent does not have custody of a child, he is still responsible for the costs of raising them, often in the form of court-ordered child support payments to the custodial guardians. In Wy... Read More »