Tendon injuries, can they pile?

Answer Tendinitis is just that inflammation of the tendon usually where it attaches to the bone. It is not so much what you do, light or heavy duties but underlying inflammation. Problem being once the in... Read More »

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Ligament & Tendon Injuries?

When working out or playing sports, ligaments and tendons work in tandem, often under incredible amounts of strain or pressure. These are some of the most frequent parts of the body to be injured, ... Read More »

If you are at fault in an auto accident and the other driver said at the scene he was not injured and didn't appear to have any injuries how long does he have to claim injuries later?

Answer not sure about legal time line but if you report the accident immediately or even now ( if you did not) your insurance company will assist you with the information. if for no other reason t... Read More »

Which tendon is the conjoined tendon?

A conjoined tendon also known as an inguinal falx, is the tendon formed from the transversus abdominis that is inserted into the crest and spine of the pecten pubis. The conjoined tendon forms the ... Read More »

What is a compost pile used for?

A compost pile serves as a long-term source of nutrients to enrich the soil. It improves soil structure, enables the soil to hold water longer, supplies the soil with significant quantities of orga... Read More »