Tender back pain .. what could it be?

Answer This could be uh... cramps...Good luck!

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What is a tender red reappearing spot on the lower left side of the back of a toddler?

AnswerSounds like something your pediatrician needs to check. You may check your child's car seat or high chair and see if something is applying preassure to the area in question. Also, if it is ... Read More »

I was in a car accident 5 days ago i have lower back pain and rib pain & feels horrible should i see a doctor?

Definately go to your doctor right away! Get any tests your doctor prescribes because your back and ribs are a big deal! You don't want to have back problems in the future! Until you go to your ... Read More »

What could be wrong for a female to have discharge that does not smell and lower back pain stomach pain and frequent urination?

Answer I read recently in Yahoo health that these symptoms can be associated with ovarian cancer, which was previously thought to be symptomless. Especially the frequent urination during periods wa... Read More »

If I are 3 weeks pregnant is it normal to have low back pain and some low abd pain not cramping?

I don't know if it is normal but I am experiencing the same thing! I also have cysts, I am wondering if it was a false positive pregnancy test!sometimes if the test is neg you can still be preg but... Read More »