Tenants' Rights in the State of Ohio?

Answer While tenants in Ohio have certain rights under the state's landlord-tenant law, it is always imperative to carefully read the lease before signing. Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law covers all who pay rent... Read More »

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State of Ohio Rights of Tenants With Pets?

Renting or leasing a property in Ohio requires a written agreement, your lease. The lease contains the details about what rules a landlord and you, the tenant, must follow. Some of these rules must... Read More »

Tenants Rights in an Ohio Eviction?

Evictions are a serious matter for tenants, and the law in Ohio includes several safeguards against unjust evictions. No matter what the circumstances of an eviction are, you are entitled to advanc... Read More »

Tenants' Rights in Ohio for Mobile Homes?

Tenants' rights in Ohio for mobile home protect renters from unfair landlord practices. The Ohio landlord-tenant law outline the duties, rights and resolution process between the two parties. Neith... Read More »

In the state of Ohio if a non-custodial parent gives up all parental rights to his children does he still have to pay child support?

Answer Absolutely. Welcome to the new america. They'll make you pay even if they took your rights.Actually I questioned once how someone would give up their parental rights in the state of Ohio and... Read More »