Ten good reasons not to use drugs?

Answer 1. they make you dumb2. you dump your money into them3. they effect the lives of your family4. they make you unhealthy5. detoxing is a b!!!h6. once you start, it's hard to quit7 they ruins your li... Read More »

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Celebrities on drugs and good movies about drugs?

Oh, wow. Who to choose for celebrities. Here are some of them:Robert Downey Jr - Was arrested in '96 for driving drunk and being in possession of heroin and cocaine. Arrested again in 2000 for poss... Read More »

Are prescription drugs good for me?

On One Hand: Yes, When Taken as PrescribedPrescription drugs include specific directions. When following these directions prescription drugs can benefit your health. However, if you start taking pr... Read More »

Drug questions (as in more than one and the good drugs not the bad)?

1. Not 100% safe: true. However, they also (should) have a good side (stop a disease) so we have to weigh the good against the bad2, Teenager taking Viagra. The same effect as when an adult take... Read More »

What over the counter drugs can I take to get high or feel really good?

Why waste your money? Go for a long run and enjoy the release of endorphins-- the natural "feel good" chemicals released in your brain. The chemicals attach to the opioid receptors in the brain, ... Read More »