Temporary profile!help please!?

Answer You forgot to tell more about the OS you're using.Try to create a new user account and log on with that new account.Check C:\documents and settings\ (if you're using Windows 2k/XP) or C:\users (if ... Read More »

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Help me find a temporary star tattoo please?

DUDE. Thank you SOO MUCH. You just answered my question that's I've been trying to get for like an hour! I need to know what those stars were called.THANK YOU THANK YOU

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server error "Temporary failure resolving" need help please?

When you changed the IP did you also change the gateway address? In order to be connected the IP and gateway have to be within the same range.Add: if it all works inside the LAN but can't get out ... Read More »

What Makes Temporary Ink Temporary?

There is no difference between the inks used for permanent or temporary tattoos. The difference comes from the method of ink application to the skin, and the skin's ability to shed the ink.

If your husband's ex wife wants to sign temporary rights of their kids to her parents shouldn't your husband gain the temporary custody before her parents?

Not in Texas. I have to make some assumptions here, always a bad idea, but it goes something like this: I assume that your husband and his ex-wife went to court at the break up of their marriage an... Read More »