Temporary Fixes for Radiators?

Answer Vehicle radiators typically cost several hundred dollars to replace, and depending on where you live and what kind of vehicle you have, it may even take a few days for your new radiator to arrive a... Read More »

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Temporary Fixes for a Leaking Ceiling?

A leaking ceiling is a real problem because water constantly drips on the floor causing additional problems. While it is difficult to fix a leaking ceiling yourself, a temporary fix is not hard to ... Read More »

Temporary Fixes for a Leaking Heater Core?

Automotive heater cores are similar to cooling system radiators in most respects. Engine coolant passes through the heater core, and a blower or fan directs the resultant heat into the interior of ... Read More »

What Makes Temporary Ink Temporary?

There is no difference between the inks used for permanent or temporary tattoos. The difference comes from the method of ink application to the skin, and the skin's ability to shed the ink.

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