Tell me what you think of this website idea and any ideas?

Answer In your message board, make sure you have things about hardware and how to install simple things, in case the technologically inept are viewing your site. You should probably split your website int... Read More »

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How do I develop my idea into a website with no knowledge about how to make a website?

As for the dude above me no it doesn't HTML takes next to no time to learn what you need and CSS is plain english now if you want interactivity and the ability to sign up users and so on then you'l... Read More »

Need a new idea for a website, what do you want to see on the web thats not already there?

How about a website that blacklists all those things we've bought at one time or another that proved to be complete duds. These days you can only find reviews for items that usually highlight posit... Read More »

Idea Names for my website?

Is this a good website idea?

Nice idea :)You may firstly add information about that country (in which Continent, population, language spoken, neighborhood countries, Regime, history, Nature and other main information, currency... Read More »