Tell me the truth. Does it look like a blackdildo is coming out of my neck?

Answer that's where the other q came from...i think the only proper way to decide this is to give everyone a ride on your shouldershow much are you charging per ticket and what's the maximum amt... Read More »

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Does a baby black snake look like a worm with a yellow ring around the neck?

A black racer snake is jet black as an adult. As a baby, it is often clay red and white. The adult and baby ringneck snake has a yellow, orange or brown ring around its neck, depending on its locat... Read More »

Does wikipedia tell the truth?

Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia which anyone with an account can edit. This lets the website grow exponentially and gives users the opportunity to express their knowledge of a particular t... Read More »

Hi All;) .. Does drinking alcohol make you tell the truth;)?

Alcohol, in and of itself, is not a truth serum. However, its effects really well mimic that solution. Alcohol impairs general neural function. You slow down and become disoriented. Alcohol also im... Read More »

Could a person in the first couple weeks of pregnancy feel a very hot face and neck almost like a sinus cold is coming on with an increased body temperature up to 98.8 or so?

Answer Throughout a woman's pregnancy her blood increases in volume from 40 to 60%, progressively. This increased blood volume can cause feeling of her face, neck, and other parts of her anatomy to... Read More »