Tell me somthing you look for under the couch?

Answer for family fued: money, remote control, keys, cell phone, shoe

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Is a Brown Couch or a Garnet Couch a Better Decorating Choice?

The color of a couch should reflect the design style of the room. Although you want one that is a color you like, it should also blend into a cohesive room design with the wall and floor colors of ... Read More »

Does your couch bleed when you pull the couch scab off?

No, usually I do for disturbing it. She can be vicious.ADD: Of course my couch scab is my ex-GF/now roommate. It is tougher for her to draw blood now that her hooks are out of my heart.

Is there a couch in between a loveseat and couch size?

A loveseat comfortably seats two people, and a couch seats three or more, but there are smaller sofas that fall in between these two sizes. Loveseats average about 56 to 60 inches wide, while full-... Read More »

I'm soo board can someone tell me somthing to do?

Go visit some old folks at a nursing home... go to your local hospital and volunteer some help, help a neighbor who is in need and can't do for their self (clean their house, mow their lawn, maybe ... Read More »