Tell me how to destroy my computer tonight!?

Answer Buy some charcoal and some meat.Spice the meat.Open your tower lid.Lay the tower horizintally.Take it outdoor.Put the charcoal inside and lite it, keeping everything inside.When charcoal is ready p... Read More »

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How to Destroy an Old Computer?

Need to throw out a computer, but don't want someone to garbage pick it?It is NOT recommended to do it. Please check with your computer dealer - they may be willing to pay for it.

How can i destroy my computer?

open up the case. find the fan that blows on the processor. then pull out the cables that go to the fan. this will probably overheat the processor then when it overheats, show you wife it. then if ... Read More »

How to Destroy a Hard Drive in a Computer?

A computer hard drive is a physical hard disc that contains metallic disc platters used to store data. Hard drives often contain important personal or financial information; completely destroying t... Read More »

How do I destroy the hard drive of a computer?

Turn off the computer. Open the computer case by unscrewing both side doors with a Philips-head screwdriver. Unscrew the hard drive from both sides of the computer case. Disconnect the cables from... Read More »