Tell me best remedies of reduce my blood pressure?

Answer High Blood Pressure--Prevention and Control - Factors You Cannot Control - Factors You Can Control - Healthful Life-Style - FIGHTING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE…I'... Read More »

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I want to reduce my blood pressure to 120/80. Without medicine How i can do?

1. Reduce your salt to 2 g a day. One level teaspoon, thats allNo bakery stuff or processed foods2. Exercise: 20 mins a day of walking3. Eat lots of fruit. The potassium will aid BP fall4. Meditate... Read More »

How much does medication reduce blood pressure?

As the heart pumps blood through the veins and arteries, the blood creates pressure against the walls of these blood vessels. Too much pressure means that the blood is being pumped with too much fo... Read More »

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure?

There are many things to increase our blood pressure. In order to reduce these diseases we have to take some medicines in our life. Sometimes these medicines cause side effects. Nowadays, there are... Read More »

How do you reduce blood pressure without without medication?

Quite easily actually (although there's no such thing as "blood pressure", -I'm taking it as that you mean systolic?). Artificially increase the pulse rate. The brain compensates by decreasing stro... Read More »