Tell me about a life-changing email that you’ve sent or received?

Answer I got an email a few weeks ago from a friend. It said that doomsday was coming up and she wanted to tell everyone how much she hated us. When the day past she didnt come to school for a week.

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How to Find Which Email Address Received a Message Sent Using BCC?

Using Blind carbon copy or BCC enables the sender to send a copy of an email to another person without the original recipient's knowledge. Using the BCC option is also helpful when sending bulk ema... Read More »

Is it possible to permanently delete messages on Facebook that you have either sent or received or do they all?

I don't know the answer but I feel your pain. It can be so annoying when people in neighboring cells start bickering about the finer points of social networking. Even with the extra thick padded wa... Read More »

How can you retrieve sent email that was deleted ...?

How can you retrieve sent email that was deleted by AOL because it was past 30 days.  I need to be able to retrieve them as they confirm to someone what I said. I thought I had marked them "Keep a... Read More »

How do I retrieve an email sent to someone that has not been opened?

GmailSelect “Undo Send” immediately after sending an email to retrieve it. Click this option within five seconds of sending the email or it will send automatically. After five seconds of sendin... Read More »