Tell me Tell me Tell me please?

Answer Take a spoonful of calpol and go to bed

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Tell me the keyboard shortcuts in detail. when we wil use and how we will use them. please tell me.?

Kiran,There are so many shortcut Keys are to work out. But I am not able to Type All of them. Some of them you can use from below. If u need more please mention your mail address i will forward you... Read More »

I am going to tell the biggest lie every, please tell me its ok?

Hi Laura,Where are your parents? Why haven't you left this low lifes and got as far away from them as possible? Go and stay with family. Contact the police and warn them what this crazy woman is sa... Read More »

Please tell me about hardware that how to install linux & tell something about it because i want format my pc?

Hardware is generally well supported in Linux despite what many will tell you. Assuming you are working with Windows Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as ... Read More »

Are there parents out there that adopted but didn't tell the child Why did you choose to tell or not to tell?

I don't see why not. When two people marry, the women sometimes wants to keep her maiden name but also take his name, so she takes both last names and hyphens them. Or I have even seen a single mom... Read More »