Television On Standby?

Answer a tv left on stanby will use at least 70% of the electricity to when it is turned on, it is always better to turn off,

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How do I Troubleshoot Standby Mode For the Toshiba DLP Television 62Hm15a?

Many modern electronic devices provide for the option of placing the device into standby or "powersave" mode, which is essentially the same thing as turning the device off. Keep in mind that anytim... Read More »

What was the first British television game show to be adapted for American television?

Trying to hookup a AIWA stereo to television so it can play audio from the television?

My tv is an LG LED tv rigged to a panasonic home theater system in the bedroom. But my partners tv which is in the living room is also a Toshiba (ours is LCD, i dont know if yours is though) like y... Read More »

What's the difference between black and white television and coloured television?

Black and White TV uses one color of phosphor Color uses 3 colors of phosphor.Black and White TV uses Video amplifiersColor uses Video Amplifiers, Color IF amps, Demodulators, and Color Sync circui... Read More »