Telephoto Lens Focal Length Vs. Magnification?

Answer Modern telephoto zoom lenses offer even amateur photographers the ability to capture images of distant objects in sharp clarity. Their built-in ability to zoom in on and out from a subject allows p... Read More »

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What magnification will you get from a slr telephoto lens?

It is a tiny square, and lots of them make up a picture. Please go to

What focal length would give a magnification of x8?

The lens length that provides a normal field of view as seen by the naked eye is 50mm. Achieving a magnification of eight times the normal focal length would require a 400mm focal length lens (8 x ... Read More »

How to Convert Focal Length to Magnification?

Point-and-shoot cameras have fixed lenses that can zoom in on a subject. Magnification is the measurement used to describe the zoom feature and the results are displayed as 2x, 3x, 10x or more in m... Read More »

If the distance from a converging lens to the object is less than the focal length of the lens what willl the image appear to be?