Telephone numbers that start 0845 are they free numbers?

Answer No, they are charged at up to 5p/minute from a landline phone, and more from mobiles. Although originally planned to be "local rate" you will find that they aren't normally included in any inclusi... Read More »

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Are 0845 numbers free to dial?

Are 0845 numbers free to call form a landline?

its usually 0800 that are freethere is a site in which you can lookup the landline alternative to numbers such as the 0845, 0870 and other 08 numbers that usually charge Read More »

TELEPHONE NUMBERS – They never start with a ‘one’; Why?

They never start with a "0" either or N11. 1 and 0 have been reserved for Long Distance dialing and Operator connect. N11 are reserved for service codes like Information, mass calling, regional c... Read More »

Are 0845 and 0844 numbers considered local?

0844 numbers are classed as "non geographic", which means that the charge is the same when calling that number from anywhere in the UK.It is usually 5p per minute or less.They can be sold by privat... Read More »