Telephone Marketing Courses?

Answer Telemarketing is a way for salespeople to reach out to potential customers over the phone. Telemarketers sell a variety of products and services. Some calls are from a live salesperson. while other... Read More »

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Effective Techniques for Telephone Interviewing & Marketing Purposes?

If your job entails interviewing people on the phone or marketing products or services on the phone, you'll need to learn effective telephone techniques. While this entails some common-sense basics... Read More »

Courses on Marketing for Managers?

Marketing managers are responsible for determining the demand for the products and services that their firms offer. The managers are expected to formulate pricing strategies and marketing plans bas... Read More »

Marketing Related Courses?

"Marketing" is really an umbrella term for all the activities and processes used to create, communicate and deliver value to customers. As such it can include a range of subjects. If you're interes... Read More »

Certificate Courses in Marketing?

A marketing certificate course of study provides training in the fundamentals, as well as the latest techniques and trends in the marketing field. At the end of this course of study, students know ... Read More »