Tektronix Probe Tips?

Answer Tektronix is a large manufacturer of electronic test equipment such as oscilloscopes, signal generators and multimeters. Having the equipment is only half the battle. The other half is the probes u... Read More »

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Does Tektronix TDS3034B use the fourier series?

The Tektronix TDS3034B oscilloscope has a feature that applies the Fourier series to the signal you're measuring. The feature, called a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), can show the harmonic component... Read More »

Is nasa planning on sending a space probe to replace the one that colided with the Russian space probe?

nasa is all about aeronautics and spacevery mysterious indeed.

What Is a Four Point Probe?

A four-point probe is used to measure the resistivity of semiconductor material. A four-point probe can be used to measure both bulk semiconductor materials or thin film materials. This is achieve... Read More »

When did the TV series Probe air?

50 years ago Jack Harkness led/sacrificed 12 British children to an alien race known only as the "456". This was done in order to acquire a cure for a disease which saves many lives. One of the 12 ... Read More »