Tefal pots vs Circulon, which are better?

Answer I'd say Circulon. love mine just don't put them in the dish washer

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Do sunflower grow better in pots or in ground?

Do petunia flowers grow better in pots or in the ground why?

How petunia plants grow totally depends upon the amound of sun, water and fertilizer they receive.

Is it better to leave pots and pans to soak or to wash them up?

My sons aged 22, 25, and 29 consider it's best to leave them to soak before I wash them.

Which plants do well in pots and containers?

Hello there, this is an exciting question for me to answer. There is so much you could do, i can picture your area just now in my head. I think you should go for plants that are just that little bi... Read More »