Teething With Braces!?

Answer You cannot teeth with braces because teething is a pain that happens as new teeth break threw gums

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Can teething cause thrush?

Not Medical Advice: Thrush is caused by Candida albicans, which we all have in our bodies. Teething alone isn't enough to cause thrush.

What is a teething rail?

A teething rail is a rail cover for a baby's crib that allows the baby to teethe safely. Without the rail, if babies teethe in the crib, they teethe on wood, which can damage the baby's teeth, acco... Read More »

How to Help Teething Pups?

Having a litter of puppies around the house can be quite challenging. While keeping your eyes on the majority, one or two can sneak off to chew what they can reach & cause damage to furniture.

How to Know If a Baby is Teething?

When your baby begins to grow teeth, a process also known as teething, they may display signs of crying, drooling, bulging gums, and in some cases, will refuse to eat. Although not all babies displ... Read More »