Teeth whitening question?

Answer rinse or brush with hydrogen peroxide every once in a while. It will definitely whiten and help gums turn healthy and pink. don't leave on overnight

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Question about teeth whitening?

Buy crest strips which is only 4% then if you have no reaction your dentist will provide a stronger brand about 20%.Also use lots of baking soda

Which is the most affective teeth whitening product, crest whitening strips or rembrandt whitening strips?

Crest white strips. I use to be a heavy smoker/coffee drinker. I didnt have the deep stains but they were yellowish. Of course i did it a lot different. I used one set before bed, and left them... Read More »

Teeth Bleaching vs Teeth Whitening?

You can bleach your natural teeth, but they don't use the same "bleach" that you would use for laundry. Teeth bleaching means at home procedures or procedures in the dentists office that brighten ... Read More »

Try my teeth whitening?

The lemon juice is acidic, and will attack your tooth enamel.If you want a homebrew whitener, make a paste with about a tablespoon of baking soda, a few drops of drugstore hydrogen peroxide, and a ... Read More »