Teeth stained along gum line?

Answer You might be brushing too vigorously at the gum line. When you see the yellow, you brush more often and harder. By doing this, you may be causing the gums to retract more and more, exposing the den... Read More »

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Which is most unattractive - crooked teeth or yellow & stained teeth?

I can handle crooked, sometimes that just can't be helped, we don't get to choose which way our teeth grow in all the time.But yellow and stained are the worst. This implies a hygiene issue, and th... Read More »

Do you think my teeth will be stained?

no way to tell, my teeth were always white with braces and my dentist said i was doing an awesome job cleaning but when i got mine off today they were slightly stained. Im sure brushing helps white... Read More »

How to Bleach Stained Teeth?

Your teeth can become stained from medications, foods, drinks or smoking. Stains begin to dull the appearance of your teeth, taking away their pearly white shine and leading to discoloration. Bleac... Read More »

What Can I Do About Coffee Stained Teeth?

Crest Premium White Strips work VERY well. After that, you can maintain by brushing with Arm & Hammer Dental Care baking soda and peroxide toothpaste.