Teeth problem question?

Answer The following will cure mild bad breath. If you suffer persistent bad breath get help from Oraltech Labs Most cases (85–90%), bad breath originates in the mouth, sinus and throat. The intensity o... Read More »

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Gum/teeth problem, please help?

According to my dentist no your gum will not go back its permanent, it could be from aggressive brushing, the key is to brush with love, soft and well dont brush hard for it will not only make your... Read More »

Teeth Problem! help!?

try rubbing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide. apply it in a cotton. not too wet, not too dry. just enough to be applied in your teeth. then, wash it by gargling waterhope this would help!

What is the teeth problem in the UK ?

There is a major shortage of dentists as from what I have heard, and there is a large portion of the population that don't have a good dental hygiene regimen

Is it a problem to get braces if you have crowned teeth?

AnswerNo, I have procelin crowns and I am getting braces. They just had to fix my teeth first before they put on the braces. Good luck:)