Teepee Ideas?

Answer The word "teepee" means "living in." Conical in shape and built to withstand high winds, teepees stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Traditional teepees were covered with buffalo hide a... Read More »

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Teepee Projects?

The teepee (or tipi), one style of traditional native abode, was home to some nomadic groups of native North Americans. The tent-like homes could be disassembled quickly and packed for the next leg... Read More »

Who invented the teepee?

Native Americans invented the tipi (teepee). The word "tipi" has its origins in Lakotan (Sioux language) and means "to dwell." These tipis were cone-shaped and made from birch bark or animal hides.... Read More »

How to Make a Teepee?

Here's a great teepee to keep you safe and warm in the wilderness. It's made from anything you can find in the forest.

Directions on Making a Teepee?

Native Americans have been using tepees as shelter for hundreds of years. They can be quickly assembled, easily transported and can even contain a warm fire within. While there are many different t... Read More »