Teens! Ever gotten drunk/drank alcohol ?

Answer I'm 17 I got drunk yesterday :D It's fine as long as you know your limit, don't go over that or welcome to vomit land my friend.(I live in London so it's none of that age 21 crap either)

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Do u care if teens drink alcohol?

No I don't for a number of good reasons that the puritans delude themselves into believing can't be legitimate.Firstly who says all under 21s cannot drink responsibly. What about Europe? Furthermor... Read More »

American teens: do you drink alcohol?

In the U.S. a lot of teens start drinking when they are young. Lots in college so around 18, and when they hit high school so 15, 16

Why do teens indulge in alcohol drinking?

teens can be attracted to alcohol for many reasons..............the most popular are that its to be cool or for a dare...........some just don't care and do it for fun

How to Keep Teens from Drinking at an Party Where Alcohol Is Served?

Are you hosting a mixed age gather and want to serve alcohol? Here is a guide to ensure that younger guests, especially teens do not have access to alcoholic beverages.