Teens! Ever gotten drunk/drank alcohol ?

Answer I'm 17 I got drunk yesterday :D It's fine as long as you know your limit, don't go over that or welcome to vomit land my friend.(I live in London so it's none of that age 21 crap either)

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Teens: What is the stupidest reason you've ever gotten a detention?

It's a tie for me between getting sent to the principal's office a few years ago for mixing my food together at lunch andgetting a Detention request because in my assignment book we get for my addr... Read More »

Teens: Have you ever been really inspired by somebody here or gotten a answer that REALLY helped you?

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How you ever gotten drunk in the day time?

I once got totally smashed by 1p.m., so middle of day. And I went to work. I had at least 6 shots of vodka. And no one found out. That is why office work is so great.

Have you ever gotten shot?

Yes, if you are in a big situation you will not notice until a few seconds after. The Pain is the most excruciating thing you can ever imagine.