Teenage pregnancy the reason Playtex stopped making "SlimFit" 'pons?

Answer Now I don't pretend to know much about teenage girls but I'm sure they are just as wh0rish now as they've always been. However, it is probably true that most women nowadays are ruined by age 18 du... Read More »

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So my VPN stopped working for some reason.?

HS is run by an advertising company that boasts they can geotarget people anywhere in the world and anytime. Their service is the backbone of a datamining company that scans everything you do and r... Read More »

Had sex on the first day first hour and mensus stopped - what could be the reason you are pregnant?

Answer If you have confirmed pregnancy, it probably did NOT happen right after your period ended. You probably had it that mont before about 12 - 16 days AFTER that period.

L have a Weller soldering iron it suddenly stopped working for no reason fuse is ok?

Does this have replaceable tips? If so, the tip may not be tightly fastened (they sometimes work loose); alternatively the tip may be burned out and need to be replaced.It is also possible that th... Read More »

What's that noise the locomotive is making when stopped?

Can't be specific about US practice, but it may be an automatic blow-down on the main air reservoir to release the moisture that builds up in any compressed air system.