Teenage pregnancy in the 1950s?

Answer Teenage pregnancy in the 1950's along with almost every moral issue was very different from today. Back then it was: 1: Taboo to have sex before marriage or outside of marriage, in fact it was rar... Read More »

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Why is teenage pregnancy bad?

Most reasons are based on society's view, some are medical, and some are due to how children and teens are being raised in this day and age. Once upon a time, it was normal, even expected, for very... Read More »

How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?

In this day and age many girls are becoming pregnant at younger ages. Some as young as 12 even. Whether you are the parent, or a school trying to keep teenagers out of this situation, read this gui... Read More »

Is teenage pregnancy a problem in the US?

Answer Answer If you were to read the many questions concerning teenage pregnancies on this site, it would boggle your mind. I'd say it's a big problem in the States and not only teenagers having ... Read More »

Causes of teenage pregnancy?