Teen weight loss questions?

Answer eat alot of meat like alot, stretch marks are actually from fat stretching the skin like how pregnant women have stretch marks having a baby, you should lose at least 5 inches off your waist (the ... Read More »

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How to Deal With Weight Loss As a Teen?

This wikiHow is for the teen who just recently lost a lot of weight or who is debating on losing weight. Doing a total body makeover in high school can be hard. This will help when you're feeling d... Read More »

Weight loss question and body questions. ?

well one kilo is equvilant to 2 pounds. So 2x4= 8. You want to lose 8 pounds. (just over half a stone). I think this goal is more than achivable- as people now-a-days are losing up 2 7 pounds in 2 ... Read More »

Isn't it getting a little pointless that 8 in 20 Questions on answers is looking for a quick weight loss fix?

Hi darling. Terrible isn't it. I gave up answering in the diet and fitness section months ago. Sooner or later people will have to start realising that there is no substitute for good old fashioned... Read More »

Is it normal in a teen pregnancy for a weight loss to occur in the first trimester could this be a sign of complications?

Answer Many women lose weight in the first trimester.Nausea, vomiting and general tiredness all conspire to make women eat less in the first three months. As long as the food you do eat is good q... Read More »