Teen guys: Your opinion on girls wearing makeup?

Answer when worn continuously its a major turnoffor when worn in excess --> large amounts of foundation, mascara, eye shadow etc...(like the whole face is coated, and you don't even know what they look li... Read More »

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Why don't guys like girls wearing makeup?

All the guys that liked me didn't care.. but I always wear it. I think only asians/islanders and blacks and other non white nationalities look good without it and don't need it. But I love it on gi... Read More »

What's your opinion on guys wearing speedos?

Doesn't matter what I think. No one has ANY right to tell someone else what they should and should not wear. When people start deciding what looks good on other people, they're incredibly shallow... Read More »

I'm a guy and I've been wearing makeup. What's your honest opinion of that?

GIRLS/GUYS I need your honest opinion please help?

Sounds good:) I like the skinny jeans; it's basic but it sounds appealing I prefere a guy with a more basic style then one which is to dressed up! Good luck:)!!!!