Technology & Vulnerability?

Answer In 2011, Sean McGurk, the chief of the Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity center, told a Senate committee about cybertechnology and its potential vulnerabilities. McGurk stated that ma... Read More »

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How to Do Security Vulnerability Assessments?

Security vulnerability assessments often refer to information security assessments such as the vulnerability testing businesses perform to keep their network protected. Physical security, such as g... Read More »

Java vulnerability should I worry?

There has never yetr been a version of Java - or any other programming language - that does NOT have a vulnerability in it. whenever you create something that can "run" your PC you open the door t... Read More »

Who can provide me best vulnerability scan service?

this guy has some excellent port scans and a lot of good infohttp://www.grc.comat the top of the page click "services" and then "Shields Up"

What may increase a child’s vulnerability to abuse?

Social Factors Poverty (latch-key kids, malnutrition) Isolation (lack of friends/objective family) Substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, tabacco)Physical Factors Dependence due to diabil... Read More »