Technologist Degrees?

Answer Technologists work in the medical profession and are often responsible for assisting doctors in diagnosing and treating patients. Those enrolled in technologist degree programs are educated and tra... Read More »

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If an ovens temperature increases by 50 degrees Fahrenheit how many min will it take to preheat the oven 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Fahrenheit?

1923 and was invented by Micheal FaradayThe first refrigeration machine using vapour was invented by Oliver Evans in 1805.It was invented in 1947.

How to Convert the Heat Released From 100 Degrees of Steam to Water at a 100 Degrees?

When matter condenses from a gas to a liquid, it releases a certain amount of heat. The exact amount of heat is dictated by two properties of the gas: its mass and its heat of condensation (Hc). ... Read More »

X-Ray Technologist Courses?

An X-ray technologist is better known in the medical profession as a radiologic technologist, or an RT. These skilled professionals take specialized courses to learn the art of capturing images of ... Read More »

Lab Technologist Schools?

A clinical lab technologist tests human tissue and bodily fluid samples in order to detect bacteria, drug levels, parasites and more to diagnose medical issues. Most work in hospitals and need at l... Read More »