Techniques for Repairing Scratches & Paint Chips on My Car?

Answer There are several different ways to repair the inevitable scratches and dings that happen to our cars and trucks. When paint is impacted or scratched, the surrounding paint, though it may look fine... Read More »

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How to Remove Car Paint Scratches & Chips?

If you take pride in the condition of your car, then odds are you won't like it when the paint job gets a scratch or chip. Even a tiny scratch can stand out and be very noticeable, particularly on ... Read More »

How to Repair Paint Chips & Scratches?

It is very easy to acquire paint chips or scratches on a car, and it is best to attend to them before rust sets in, since once a car begins to rust it is difficult to arrest the rusting action. Fix... Read More »

Repairing Chips in Bowling Balls?

Bowling balls can become chipped over many years of use or when passing through the mechanics of the ball return. The chip may not impact the spin of the ball unless it is in the direct spin path o... Read More »

Repairing Peeling Paint on a Bathroom Ceiling?

High humidity is the most common cause of peeling paint on a bathroom ceiling. Peeling paint is unsightly, and it exposes the ceiling to a potential mold and mildew problem unless you repair it qui... Read More »