Techniques for Cutting Pompadours?

Answer The pompadour hairstyle is defined by a bigger, puffed up section of hair in the front-middle of the head, with the sides slicked back or down. You typically need at least 3 inches of hair on top, ... Read More »

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Band Saw Cutting Techniques?

The band saw is one of, if not the most versatile of all power saws. It is capable of ripping stock to width, cutting delicate curves and even making miters and bevel cuts. It is also safer than mo... Read More »

Different Foam Cutting Techniques?

Foam is a fun and versatile product to work with. It is light enough to suspend or support nearly any structure while strong enough, in block form, to support the weight of relatively large adults.... Read More »

Hairstyle & Cutting Techniques for Men?

Cutting techniques for men's hairstyles depend on the length and shape of the style. For longer men's hairstyles, styling shears are used; for shorter styles, clippers, buzzers and razor edges can ... Read More »

Men's Hair Cutting Techniques?

There are many techniques that allow for an at-home haircut. It is recommended that you start with a professional haircut to give yourself an idea of the type of haircut that you wish to achieve. A... Read More »