Techniques for Carving Gemstone?

Answer Humans have been carving gemstone for hundreds of thousands of years. The first techniques used involved using stones to chip or etch other stones. As technology advanced, equipment became more ref... Read More »

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Is a ruby a gemstone?

The ruby, the birthstone for July, is a gemstone known for its red color. It's the red version of the mineral corundum, which also is a key part of sapphires. Rubies are mined in Myanmar, Vietnam, ... Read More »

How to Buy Aquamarine Gemstone?

An aquamarine gemstone.Aquamarine is a popular and affordable gemstone. It is a member of the beryl family, and gets its blue tint from traces of iron in chemical composition. Unlike its cousin, th... Read More »

Is aventurine a gemstone?

Aventurine is a type of semi-precious gemstone derived from quartz. Green, brown, blue and orange varieties of aventurine exist. You can recognize an adventurine stone by the small flecks or flakes... Read More »

How to Put a Gemstone in a Setting?

With the right tools, putting a gemstone in a setting is a quick project that can be done at home. After all, it's always exhilarating to respond to a compliment with some variation of "Thank you, ... Read More »