Technical difference between iPhone 3G and 3gs?

Answer Do not know just answering things

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Explain difference between technical and non-technical limitations of e-commerce?

•Technical Limitations :-Lack of sufficient system's security, reliability, standards, and communication protocols-Insufficient telecommunication bandwidth-The software development tools are stil... Read More »

What is the technical difference between CD and DVD players?

They use different wavelengths. The data pits on a dvd are smaller & more densely packed. DVD's pack 6 times the information as a CD. More info in the link below: Read More »

What is the difference between a technical school&a college?

Technical schools and universities are two different kinds of secondary education, concentrating on different skills and suited to different needs.UniversitiesA traditional university generally pro... Read More »

In California I upgraded my ATT iPhone to a 3G iPhone The cost to me was 199 instead of the origal 600 The ATT store taxed me on the 400.00 that was the difference Is this legal?

if your saying they taxed you 400.00 then no that shouldn't be right. i had the first iPhone and broke it so my mom toke me 2 the phone store to get a new phone. i decided 2 get the 3g. i only paye... Read More »