Tech Colleges Near Augusta, GA?

Answer Augusta, Georgia is approximately 139 miles southwest of Charlotte, North Carolina, and 150 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia. Home of the four-year Augusta State University, the city of Augusta is al... Read More »

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What is the cost of the EMT course at Augusta Tech?

Augusta Technical College in Augusta, Georgia offers a basic Emergency Medical Technology, or EMT, course to approved applicants. The course is 20 hours in duration. Students will complete the cour... Read More »

Colleges With Master's Degree Programs in Augusta, Georgia?

Augusta is located by the Savannah River, right on the border between the states of Atlanta and South Carolina. It is a city of approximately 195,000 residents, widely known for its annual Masters ... Read More »

Hotels in Augusta, Georgia, Near Augusta National?

Augusta National Golf Club hosts the Master's Tournament, which began in 1933. The private course ranks No. 1 on the list of America's 100 greatest golf courses. Members of the club include Bill Ga... Read More »

Tech & IT Colleges?

Information technology (IT) has been a rapidly growing field since the advent of the internet; with the development of social media platforms and the exploding trend of corporate utilization of the... Read More »