Teaching my little brother to read?

Answer It's great that you are going to help him!Start with books he can handle...get them from the library. Read to him and with him. Talk about the concepts and ideas in the stories before he reads an... Read More »

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How to Get Started in Teaching Someone to Read?

Children need to acquire early literacy skills in order to be successful in reading. Such skills include alphabet recognition and naming, letter-sound correspondence, and phonological awareness. Ph... Read More »

Teaching Kids How to Read a Newspaper?

A newspaper is a collection of expository writing that informs and educates. When teaching children about how to read a newspaper, keep in mind that the pages are full of information that can seem ... Read More »

Teaching my daughter to read and write?

Im assuming she knows her alphabet already? If not then that would be the first step to take. And if so, then she really is a smart girl!From what i've seen many kids go through is that they like t... Read More »

Techniques for Teaching Children to Read?

Teaching children to read often takes time and a variety of techniques. Start by reading to your children every day. Talk about the books you read, and ask your child to hold the book and point wit... Read More »