Teaching children gross motor skills?

Answer When you say gross motor skills I assume you mean large muscles groups of the body. Gross motor skills are things like walking, jumping, hopping, ball handling, climbing etc.These skills take time ... Read More »

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Fine and Gross Motor Skills in Children?

Fine and gross motor skill development begins in early childhood and aids in reaching milestones such as writing and walking. Teaching the fundamental fine and gross motor skills will lead to smoot... Read More »

How to Assess the Gross Motor Skills of Preschool Children With Special Needs?

A child's gross motor skills refers to activities involving the larger muscles of the body. A child uses gross motor skills while walking, sitting, crawling, jumping and climbing. She uses the fine... Read More »

Should you be concerned that your 3 year old has over developed fine motor skills and underdeveloped gross motor skills?

Not particularly; all children develop things at different rates. However, if you want him to start building his gross motor skills more, get him to play often with things like throwing or passing ... Read More »

How to Improve Fine & Gross Motor Skills?

According to the website, "motor skills are motions carried out when the brain, nervous system, and muscles work together." The types of muscles used are what divide gross motor skil... Read More »