Teaching Tips on the Atomic Structure?

Answer Teaching atomic structure can be a challenge. The quantum mechanical picture of the atom is complicated and very abstract --- so abstract, in fact, that interpretations of quantum mechanics remain ... Read More »

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How to Study Atomic Structure?

This article provides an overview for the student learning about atomic structure.

Experiments for Atomic Structure?

Atoms are the building blocks of all elements. Their existence was originally postulated by the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus; however, experiments for atomic structure did not begin until t... Read More »

Who discovered the atomic structure?

Niels Bohr and Ernest Rutherford are credited with discovering the atomic structure. Although Bohr was the one to publish the findings describing atomic structure in 1913, his work would not have b... Read More »

Is density related to the atomic structure?

The density of an element is related to the atomic structure. Since the vast majority of an atom's mass comes from the combined mass of protons and neutrons, the more protons and neutrons packed in... Read More »