Teaching Techniques for Public Speaking?

Answer Public speaking is both an academic discipline and an important tool for professionals. Depending on the type of students and their goals, teachers of public speaking may employ many different teac... Read More »

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Powerful Public Speaking Techniques?

A powerful speech grabs listeners from the first moment, seizes their imaginations and inspires them to action. In William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar," Mark Antony stirs his listeners to ave... Read More »

I am teaching my 2 and 3 year old how to use the toilet what are some good techniques to use when teaching?

In the bathroom put a chart that has about 20 spaces in it. Then keep some stickers near by. Every time your child pee's in the toilet, put one sticker on the chart. Every time your child poops in ... Read More »

Teaching Techniques for Teaching Culture & Diversity?

Teaching culture and diversity might arise in a history classroom. It might be a special class offered in the school where you teach. In any case, using certain techniques and activities to teach t... Read More »

Techniques of Informative Speaking?

Informative speaking is about more than just informing people about specific information. Audiences much be kept fully engaged and interested in what is being said or the information will not be ab... Read More »