Teaching Kids to Play Boomwhackers?

Answer The tuned plastic percussion tubes called Boomwhackers are a big hit with kids. Modeled after xylophones, each tube is pitched to a single note in the musical scale. But, looking like pool and bea... Read More »

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English Teaching Games for Kids?

English is an important subject, especially if one hopes to communicate effectively. However, young students (and even some older ones) may find the lessons trivial and boring. Instructors and pare... Read More »

Strategies For Teaching Place Value to Kids?

Place value is the value of a digit within a number (i.e., in 359 the place value of "5" is "tens"). Teaching students place value can be challenging; many students originally learn how to count an... Read More »

Games for Teaching Morals to Kids?

Childhood-development specialists name three criteria essential for group games that assist in children's moral development: the game has to have something interesting and challenging to figure out... Read More »

Techniques on Teaching Kids How to Read?

Teaching kids to read may seem like a basic task, but once they know the alphabet your job is simply to teach them to join letters together, making words. While this is a popular technique, it is n... Read More »