Teaching Ideas for Slow Learners?

Answer Slow learners, or at-risk students, are not the learning disabled and do not have mental disorders; they are simply students in a typical class who take a longer time to grasp any subject material.... Read More »

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Teaching Math to Slow Learners?

Math may prove challenging for slow learners. Because harder math concepts build on simpler ones, it's vital that students develop an understanding of math principles for future academic success. ... Read More »

Strategies for Teaching Math to Slow Learners?

Children who are slow learners are not learning-disabled. In general, they want to learn but lack the ability to process information well. Often children will be considered slow learners in one sub... Read More »

Boarding Schools for Slow Learners?

All children deserve a quality education and school atmosphere that fits their individual needs. Children who are slow learners may benefit from attending a boarding school where they live with fel... Read More »

How to Teach Slow Learners to Read?

The ability to read is essential in order for students to access the whole of their education. They need to read to be able to succeed in all areas of the curriculum and to fuction fully in the wor... Read More »