Teaching Ideas for Multiple Intelligences?

Answer The Theory of Multiple Intelligences is widely used in schools across North America and states that each individual possesses eight types of intelligence: visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical... Read More »

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Multiple Intelligences Display Ideas for Kindergarten?

In 1983, Harvard professor Howard Gardner published "Frames of Mind," which explained his theory of multiple intelligences. He originally described seven forms of intelligence, some of which go bey... Read More »

How to Find out Your Multiple Intelligences?

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Scaffolding & Multiple Intelligences in Education?

According to Howard Gardner, there is no one without intelligence. This doesn't mean that everyone can get an 'A' in every class. Gardner's theories on multiple intelligences conclude that all peop... Read More »

Differentiated Instruction and Multiple Intelligences?

Classrooms have never been more diverse than they are today. Student differences extend beyond interests, intelligence and school preparedness. Educators today have to factor in cultural expectatio... Read More »