Teaching Ideas for "Judy Moody Was in a Mood"?

Answer Megan McDonald's "Judy Moody" series of books revolves around a mercurial third-grader known as Judy Moody. Students enjoy reading about Judy Moody and her zany attempts to deal with her moods, alo... Read More »

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When will judy moody come out on blue ray?

Most 3D televisions are comfortable to view. While early models sometimes had heavy glasses and some flickering, most on sale today have very lightweight glasses and are looking very realistic. The... Read More »

Mood Lighting Ideas?

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Creative Ideas for a Class Presentation About Judy Blume?

Author Judy Blume is widely read by young adults around the world interested in her candid stories about the rites of passage every young person must make. Whether writing about weight and obesity ... Read More »

How to Remember the Consequences of Mood Using the MOOD Acronym?

The kind of mood you're in can have many consequences. They not only change due to some recent happening but could be the result of some past event too. They have, as such, the capacity to alter ou... Read More »