Teaching Ideas for Cosmetology?

Answer When teaching cosmetology to your students, whether as a unit of a theater class or as a class in itself, you'll need fresh and interesting ideas to keep your students engaged. Challenge your stude... Read More »

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Cosmetology Science Fair Project Ideas?

A science fair project involving cosmetology can be an interesting topic to research. Cosmetology encompasses the areas of hair, skin and nail care with an emphasis on positive aesthetic appearance... Read More »

Practical Ideas for Teaching Main Ideas?

Grasping the main idea in a story or paragraph is difficult for most students. Yet this is a concept they must be taught when learning strategies for reading comprehension. The main idea is what th... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Main Ideas?

When students are asked to find the main idea, it can be presented in different forms. Sometimes it's explicitly stated and sometimes the main idea is implicit. Teach students that the main idea ma... Read More »

Ideas on Teaching?

The nature of teaching allows for many varying ideas, with infinite combinations of teachers, students, subjects, and settings. While every combination will be different--each teacher has a one-of-... Read More »