Teaching Ideas & Activities for Christmas?

Answer The Christmas holiday often has students distracted from schoolwork. They are focused on the days off school, the visit from Santa Claus and the getting together with family and friends to celebrat... Read More »

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Teaching Ideas for Christmas Carols?

Kids enjoy hearing, learning and singing Christmas carols in the run-up to this important holiday. In addition to adding some fun to the school day, the Christmas carols can also provide inspirati... Read More »

Teaching Activities & Ideas for Number Lines?

Using number lines can help students create mental images of math strategies and allow them to make the leap to calculating without paper and pencil. Using number lines also helps increase students... Read More »

Teaching Ideas: Getting to Know You Activities?

The beginning of the school year marks many new beginnings -- a new grade, new things to learn, a new teacher and new classmates. Many students find meeting a new teacher and new classmates intimid... Read More »

Teaching Ideas & Classroom Activities for Health Care?

Teaching health can be daunting, especially for homeroom teachers who may not have had specialized training in health care. The abundance of topics to cover, along with the fact that certain subjec... Read More »