Teaching Children Verbal Skills?

Answer I taught a child with Autism for 3 years (2 days a week). He was six by the time he left my class to go to school. It took a long time, but we went from 1 or 2 words, to stringing together basic se... Read More »

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Teaching children gross motor skills?

When you say gross motor skills I assume you mean large muscles groups of the body. Gross motor skills are things like walking, jumping, hopping, ball handling, climbing etc.These skills take time ... Read More »

Activities for Teaching Language Skills to Children?

Language skills incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children begin learning language skills from birth and continue well into adulthood. Nearly any activity can teach young childr... Read More »

Trends in Teaching Preschool Children Literacy Skills?

Literacy is widely regarded by the U.S. Department of Education to be one of the most important skills children must develop during their time in school. Current trends in teaching preschool emphas... Read More »

Books About Teaching Play Skills to Autistic Children?

Children diagnosed with disorders on the autism spectrum, including Asperger's syndrome, have a hard time developing appropriate social behaviors. This is especially apparent in a child's ability t... Read More »