Teaching 3 year olds?

Answer Manipulatives r blocks, legos, sand, beans, rice, anything that is hands on, you can have different centers, science, listening, art, and even music

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Teaching Tools for Two Year Olds?

Teaching tools for two year olds should consist of items that will help them explore the world around them. Young toddlers learn best through activities that involve play, stories, songs and art ac... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Three-Year-Olds the ABCs?

Prepare a three-year old for preschool by introducing him to the names and sounds of the alphabet. At this age, he can begin to recognize the letters and sounds. Use songs, games, and visual elemen... Read More »

Need ideas for teaching 4 year olds about countries?

Reading activity: there are plenty of pre school books about countries: My Very First Little Book of Other CountriesArt activity: get them paints or crayons and assigned each group with one contine... Read More »

Innovative Classroom Teaching Techniques in Math for 7-Year-Olds?

Although many teaching methodologies in the past were based on the assumption that young students' minds are like sponges, today many teachers have done away with traditional lecture-style math cla... Read More »