Teachers restraining children?

Answer Remove your daughter from that classroom NOW. Talk to someone with higher authority on this situation that can repremand the teacher. there is no need to be restraining a kinder grade child for cry... Read More »

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What can two children ages 15 and 10 do if they've been abused by mom's boyfriend and judge denies a restraining order of protectionare with non-custodial father but children want to live with father?

Answer Being that those kids are of school age, if they talk to counselors at school, the counselors have to report the abuse. They have no choice. Or when the abuse happens, the kids need to dial... Read More »

Can you put a restraining order on children?

No, not if they are minors. However, you can have them arrested if they have threatened your life in any way; abused you or physically abuse you; beating up their other siblings or if they are unco... Read More »

How can teachers help vulnerable children?

Vulnerable children are at risk for being bullied, failing school and engaging in delinquent behaviors. There are a number of ways that educators can help these children cope with their life situat... Read More »

Teachers' Gifts for Children?

Teachers often give their students gifts for special occasions such as holidays, accomplishments and end-of-the-year sentiments. Homemade gifts are the most thoughtful option, while small inexpensi... Read More »